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The Small Space Style Hacks All New Yorkers Swear By

From glitzy Park Avenue penthouses to industrial Brooklyn lofts, New York interiors are a constant source of inspiration for us. Much like their stylish occupants, homes here are decorated impeccably and make the most of (sometimes limited) space while maintaining a relatively low profile—very chic.

New Yorkers look to their homes to provide them with a much-needed respite from the city's constant bright lights and around the clock sirens. Just like the outfits you'll witness on the streets of Manhattan, New Yorkers tend to lean towards strong monochrome lines and just an element of surprise—a neon light here, an exposed pendant there.

Read on to reveal the nine decorating secrets that'll bring a slice of New Yorker style to your place.

Oversized Curtains

Huge windows are an iconic feature in many New York homes. They let in all-important natural light and frame the dynamic skyline that's famous around the world. A way to supersize your windows at home without changing them is to install curtains at the highest point on the wall, on either side of the window. Voila! Your windows will look grander and your ceilings will feel sky-high.

Wall Lights

Wall lights are a truly undervalued feature in decorating—they're practical, free up floor space and double as wall art. For that all-important New York aesthetic, wall lights can be used next to your bed, over a side table in the living room or even in the kitchen. Go for classic black, or turn up the fun with a neon creation.


Everyone could use more storage, right? Being able to tuck things away in a designated pocket of the home saves you time and energy, meaning you get to enjoy your time spent at home. For those short on built-in storage options, opt for simple floating shelf options that run the length of the room. Organise papers and odd bits into nice baskets and create styling vignettes with indoor plants, ceramics, and books.


Whether or not you have insane views of the NYC skyline through your bedroom window, using mirrors to reflect light around is a great option to give the illusion of more space. For a unique effect, choose a few mirrors in different sizes and hang them on the wall together for an eclectic loft vibe.


In New York, outdoor spaces are extremely limited for most of its residents. Sure, there are beautiful parks and gardens to enjoy, but a connection to nature at home is vital. It's important to select greenery options that suit your lifestyle and that will thrive with the amount of light your home receives. Even if it's a cluster of cacti on the windowsill, bringing leafy friends inside helps to create a more tranquil sanctuary. 

Double Duty

Sometimes a coffee table isn't just a coffee table. We're talking about furniture that does double duty—beds with storage compartments, moveable kitchen islands that function as dining tables. Going for furniture that serves more than one purpose is beneficial for anyone short on space and creates an open plan layout—something New Yorkers do well.

Simple Scheme

A key aspect to pulling off a New York look is to keep things simple when it comes to colour. That doesn't necessarily mean black and white, however, we've seen many a monochrome interior to swoon over. Incorporate faux leather, wool, linen (on your bed) and other textures to create visual interest.

Bar Cart

New York apartments are effortlessly cool, just like the people who live there. We imagine groups of trendsetters gathering for a drink on the rooftop nightly while the bright city lights shine after sunset. Become the ultimate entertainer at your place by dressing a bar cart with all the essentials (Hugo Spritz, anyone?) and your fanciest barware. 

Go Low

New Yorkers love to play with high and low when it comes to decorating. Their soaring ceilings are contrasted with low line coffee tables and ottomans to ground the space and create cosy areas. For bigger items like sofas, buffets, and armchairs, consider a more horizontal approach and you'll be rewarded with comfortable and relaxed rooms for you and your friends to enjoy.

Read on? Discover the secret decorating hacks that all Californians know.

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