16 Easy Decorating Hacks to Make Your Tiny Bedroom Feel Huge

Unless you're one of the few lucky ones whose master bedroom is big enough to throw a party in, you'll want to read on. Whether you've just moved into a new place or are searching for innovative ways to freshen up your bedroom, we're here to help you supersize your boudoir so that you don't feel like you're sleeping in a tent anymore. While we might not be able to technically provide you with any extra floor space, the following bedroom decorating hacks will help to maximise the room you do have and give the appearance of a bedroom that's fit for royalty.

1. Use light colours

This one is a bit of a no-brainer but definitely worth a mention. We're not saying you need to deck out your bedroom in white from ceiling to carpet, but using white to your advantage can help to highlight features you like and draw the eye away from problem areas. For example, painting your window trims and ceiling in crisp white will draw your eye to these areas and make the room feel more lofty and fresh.

2. Colour coordination

If your bedroom is well-coordinated, your eye will naturally focus on that rather than any shortage of space. An easy way to accomplish a put-together aesthetic is to choose a couple of colours that you'll use to decorate with and find varying tones of those colours in artwork, rugs, chairs and smaller decorative items. You'll end up with a curated bedroom that doesn't feel stark.

3. Raise your bed

If you're in the market for a new bed frame, opt for one that clears the floor. Not only will you be able to use this extra space to store some of your things, but you'll give the illusion of space by keeping the ground uncluttered. Chunky bed bases tend to be too heavy in smaller bedrooms and do you no favours.

4. Flatweave rug

We always recommend a rug to go under your bed, both for comfort on chilly mornings and to add in a layer of texture. In tiny bedrooms, you'll want to select a rug that's not going to appear bulky (like a shag) and move your focus to a flatweave with a simple pattern. You'll get the stylish benefits of a rug without it overwhelming the room. 

5. Art as a headboard

I recently said goodbye to my headboard in favour of a sleeker look for my own bedroom. I replaced the headboard with a set of prints that had been sitting in my cupboard waiting to be used and my entire bedroom now feels taller and less cluttered. When space is at a minimum, bulky pieces that fill a wall can make a room feel short and bring the focus downward.

6. Mirror a window

If you've got a pint-sized bedroom, a mirror was probably already on your list of decor items to include. Mirrors are a fantastic way to give the illusion of space and reflect light, but the best way to position a mirror is to place it on a wall opposite a window to create the effect of another opening. You'll feel like you've doubled the amount of light and your outlook by doing this.

7. White furniture

White furniture is underestimated when it comes to bedrooms. When you've got white bedroom walls, a simple white bedside table will fade into the background and not present as a heavy visual block. The same goes for white shelves as well to house any candles, lamps, or personal items.

8. Hang your clothes

This is really more of a general housekeeping rule than a decorating one. I find that when I've left even just a few pieces of clothing on my bed or floor that I instantly feel cramped in the space. If you get into the habit of automatically hanging your clothes back up once you've worn them your bedroom will never look like a university student's again.

9. Simple bed linen

When you're trying to give the illusion of open space, working with plain, neutral colours works best to help your eye wander throughout the room and not focused on one particular eyesore. For example, our linen bedding sets work perfectly compared to a busy, patterned duvet cover that will make your room feel and look busy.

10. Create height

When you don't have the advantage of width, you can make the most of your vertical space to achieve a spacious feeling. There are a few ways to do this, including raising the height of your curtains to the ceiling, placing shelves above eye level and thinking tall instead of wide. For example, a sleek floor lamp instead of a bulky bedside table.

11. Re-think your layout

Layouts can become tricky when you've got four walls that are so close you can basically stretch your arms out and touch them. You'd be amazed at how different your bedroom can feel by just swapping the position of the bed to face a window or even under a window. Grab a friend or your partner and test out where your bed feels the best and don't be afraid to try something different (like putting it in the middle of the room).

12. Furniture legs

Just like a bed that's off the ground can make a huge difference to the spaciousness of your bedroom, applying the same principle to bedside tables, dressers, and armchairs can help to keep things light and airy which will, in turn, feel bigger and less cluttered.

13. Focal point

If you've found your ideal layout but feel like there's still something missing, it might just be one item that helps to ground the room and tie everything together. It could something as simple as a mirror above your bed or even a contrasting cushion. If you're bold, you can go as far as a painted mural wall.

14. Visual interest

Now that you have a focal point which will catch someone's eye immediately, you can add in smaller pieces that will help their gaze wander softly around the space to get an idea of your style and personality. Metallic objects or reflective objects are great for this, as well as photo frames and personal mementos.

15. Simple styling

When it comes to bedroom styling, a simple vase of flowers can be enough to complete an overall aesthetic and impress any guests you choose to share your space with. Editing is important in smaller bedrooms to avoid visual clutter, so choose a few of your absolute favourite items and group them together on a shelf as a vignette.

16. Tidy up

I've recently gotten into the habit of making my bed before I leave the house each morning and it actually has a huge impact on how I feel about my bedroom. It's a little win that helps motivate me every day, and it's a nice little surprise at the end of the day when there's nothing to do. The same goes for taking water glasses to the kitchen, folding clothes, and keeping shoes in the cupboard.

Now, the living room. Make yours look huge with these 12 interior decorating hacks.

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