7 Foods That Will Help You Combat Fatigue

Do you instinctively reach for your favourite mug and a coffee pod each morning before you've even properly opened your eyes? Same. While a nice, warm cappuccino can help you to feel human again after an early rise, we wanted to investigate other ways to fuel our bodies so that we can start the day feeling refreshed and energised to tackle that to-do list. Instead, we've found the seven best foods to eat to combat fatigue once and for all. Hint: caffeine doesn't feature on the list. 

1. Avocado

The trusty avocado features heavily in a lot of our favourite recipes, from breakfast right through to dinner. The versatile and delicious fruit is the perfect combination of healthy fatty acids and high protein levels that can help to keep our minds and bodies energised for longer periods of time. Smashed avo for brunch might get a bad rap sometimes, but it turns out that besides being supremely tasty it's also the perfect mid-morning boost we all need. 

2. Nuts and seeds

From almonds to walnuts and sunflower seeds, there are countless options when it comes to using nuts and seeds in a recipe or even as a simple desk snack. The benefits? A concentrated source of all those essential and energising macronutrients such as protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. 

3. Bananas

A recent study actually found that the trusty banana was able to provide cyclists with just as much energy as a sports drink during a long-haul ride. Ideal for a post-workout snack, a mid-afternoon pick-me-up or a delicious start to your day, keep a bunch of bananas on hand at all times. If you're feeling experimental, try your hand at baking some into a loaf of sweet bread or fluffy pancakes.

4. Apples

Another handy, fatigue-fighting food to include in your fruit bowl is apples. They're naturally high in fructose, which your body can convert directly into energy to keep you feeling awake and alert all morning (or afternoon). Apples also have other superpowers, including keeping you full for longer and curbing those pesky sweet cravings that sneak up on us when we're feeling tired. 

5. Oats

Before you reach for a sugar-loaded, processed cereal for breakfast, consider a bowl of oats that you can add your favourite berries and fruit to for a filling and healthy option that will fuel both your mind and body. Oats are often full of fibre and protein and are also great for people who are looking to regulate their blood sugar levels throughout the day.  

6. Blueberries

These tiny berries are deceptively powerful, filled with a long list of antioxidants including potassium and fibre that, combined with phytochemicals (healthy compounds that give blueberries their pigment), are able to boost your immune function and list your energy levels. Add them to your morning smoothie or munch on them throughout the day.

7. Kale

It turns out there was a reason why kale was on everyone's grocery lists a while back. It's because the leafy vegetable absolutely loaded with everything you need to keep you feeling great from the inside out. Kale is full of iron, calcium, vitamins and even protein and fibre—a real overachiever in the vegetable world. You can easily add it to your morning eggs or your smoothie if you prefer a liquid breakfast. 

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