This Is What the Bed Threads Team Are Watching On Netflix This March

We're literally days from the beginning of March and I'd just like to say—can 2020 slow down a bit? Granted, January did feel like its own decade as it lazily passed by, but entering our third month of the new year is a little bit unnerving. To make us feel better, the Bed Threads team have been swapping the plots of our new favourite shows in the office, so we thought we'd share the love with you as well. There's nothing better than finding a new series that you'd happily give up any social outing to sit at home and binge until you forget what time, day, or year it is. From brand new mystery series to original documentaries and returning seasons of our faves, refer to this list of March's best Netflix additions when you're in the mood for some quality screen time.

Spirited Away

Everyone's favourite Studio Ghibli film Spirited Away is finally coming to Netflix! Cancel your Sunday plans and prepare the snacks, you'll want to binge this classic where Chihiro must navigate a magical world where disobeying the witch has dire consequences. After you're finished, make your way through Netflix's newly-released Studio Ghibli collection to keep the Japenese animated vibes going.

The Goop Lab with Gwyneth Paltrow

You love to listen to her celebrity guests chat about their journey to wellness on the Goop podcast, and now you'll be able to see Gwyneth herself on your screen as she and her team take a closer look at trending topics such as psychedelics and energy work. Each thirty-minute episode is focused on one topic at a time, where you'll see the Goop team take part in some very adventurous and confronting activities.

The Pharmacist

This recently-released docuseries will tug at your heartstrings and make you pay full attention to the tragic effects of drug addiction. After losing his own son to an opioid addiction, a Louisiana pharmacist will go to great lengths to expose the corruption behind the entire industry. Keep the tissue box nearby and set in for a thrilling exposé.

I Am Not Okay With This

If you're still hooked on the ending of the recent series of Stranger Things, this will help you fill the time before season four arrives. The producers of the cult show are behind I Am Not Okay With This, based on a graphic novel starring Syd, a normal teenage girl. Except, she's not. Her dad recently passed, her best friend is dating a star athlete and she's just discovering that she might have secret superpowers. Not so normal anymore.

The Trials of Gabriel Fernandez

This new series is an unflinching look into the devastating death of eight-year-old boy Gabriel Fernandez and the repeated neglect from authorities that inevitably led to his passing. You'll be invited into the courtroom where the current systems for protecting at-risk children are examined to their core to understand how these things can still be happening in our modern society.

Q Ball

If you're like us, you're addicted to prison documentaries and hearing the behind the scenes stories of how they got there. This march, you'll want to tune into this new Netflix original series where inmates at Quentin State Prison are attempting to get their lives back on track—through playing basketball together. It sounds simple, but the power of social connection and activity can do wonders.


When three friends choose to escape their daily lives by going on a road trip together, an unexpected fourth passenger forces a detour that will change their lives forever. These seemingly average women will find themselves embroiled in situations that will test their friendship to the limits and ultimately open their eyes to new possibilities they'd been blind to until now.

Twin Murders: the Silence of the White City

This gripping new series follows a detective as he returns to his home city to investigate a series of murders that mimic the crimes of a convicted prisoner who is soon to be released into the public again. He'll have to race around the clock to crack the case while also keeping his own secrets hidden.

Secret City

With a whole first season to binge before you move on to the brand new season coming in hot on the 5th of March, this Australian drama centres around a former politician who is hell-bent on uncovering a government conspiracy from within the walls of Canberra. Despite threats to her own life and her career, Harriet Dunkley is on a mission for the truth.

For more Netflix recommendations from the Bed Threads team, check out our previous post.

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